Friday, October 12, 2012

the Orange Darshan

Date : 28th October 2009

"What to wear ? "
"hmm.. quite a few shirts are there"

"hmm.. ya.."

"ya! thats the best way i feel i want to"
"and then ? our favourite green shirt?"

"hmm.. no im wearing it now.. but for tomorrow.. hey! how about the kurta?"

It was already close to 550PM. The shuttle (my first company Avaya in Pune) to the city would leave by 6PM. I thus, took one extra set of clothes and made way to the shuttle stop. Thankfully there was no important work in the office, that i could leave early.

The bus started. My 1 day old 'new friend' had invited me home so that we could go to Hadshi together. Baba had arrived that day to Hadshi village enroute Pune.

I was extremely excited already and a couple of incidents that day ay my friend's home took me to an entirely different level of existence.

The agenda off BABA's Visit was to inaugrate the magnificent Panduranga Kshetra built by the famous industrialist "Shivaji Jadhav". Right from 2003, the latter patiently waited and prayed to BABA to inaugrate the temple. However, Swami had only decided to inaugrate at this point of time.
On introspection, i realised that "i too was considered in HIS Plan" of this visit. Had HE come over even a couple of months earlier for this visit, i would not have fitted into this Blissful Scheme of the events!

Swami says that HE is like an engine that waits for a number of carriages to be attached so that HE can pull all of them together at one go! But why me ? What a great fortune has been bestowed on this pretty ordinary soul ?

My friend had one VIP Pass, which would allow one to take a closer Darshan. The entire family did not take the VIP pass and straightly passed it on to me! I was thrilled further!

My friend gave me a drop of the nectar that continuously flows in an Ashram at Mysore. It was materialized by Swami.

There was one Dream i got in the night, which practically looked very real to me. I saw that Swami showed me that HE was present in the lifesize picture of HIM that was in the hall.

Date : 29 October 2009

The next day, my friend and i left for Hadshi village, about 60kms away from Pune.

As the taxi reached the foothills of the hillock, where the Panduranga Kshetra Mandir was built, i started recalling the place slowly and steadily.

I got a SHOCKER of my LIFE!

45 Days prior to this, when no one knew of this visit of Swami, Swami showed me in my Dream that this is the path i would be taking to see HIM. Further to this, in that Dream, HE had even acted as a priest to "Lord Panduranga", which is what exactly happened here in reality!

Thus, the last 12 hours were unimaginably crazy!

Now, the TIME arrived!

As the car reached the hillock's top, my heart started beating harder. This was my first visit to see Swami. I was unable to comprehend that 'I am physically in the radius of GOD' and was very excited! What a proximity to cherish!

As i walked in, the SevaDal led me to the VIP seats' area. I was in a white (slightly creamish coloured) kurta. I also had worn a Dhoti. I sat down on one of those seats.

I was fortunate to see Swami from a close distance. After a while, Swami decided to go to HIS Residence. I still recall those beautiful moments when Swami was taken in a make-shift lift that was very near from the place where i was sitting.
Every moment looked so beautiful and i felt that each moment was running fast.

HE was to come back in the evening where HE had planned to give us a Discourse. The evening session was extremely touchy! The way HE made HIS Entry like an awesome HERO, and with high pitched yet pleasant Vedam chantings being sung by HIS Students and other Devotees put me in extreme Bliss.

My mind finally agreed, "this is how GOD must be, and this is the way I wanted HIM to be!"

Suddenly a very unusual thing happened to me, where i started weeping profusely. I was unable to take the Divinity in front of me, perhaps! The beautiful bhajans that were sung in HIS Presence still remain my heart-favourites!

Those precious moments.. The real moments in an otherwise transient world.. these would remain etched in my hearts for eternity by HIS Grace!

Now, Swami is not seen in HIS Physical Presence.
I was always interested to know if i would have seen Shirdi BABA in one of my previous lives? or seen Krishna in one?
But.. now they all seem to have satisfied and answered by this beautiful Orange Darshan!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

4 Chapathis for my friend, ma!

"Anand! its already 11pm da.. "
"yes ma.. he is just coming.. just 2-3 minutes.. he is near B'lore Central.. just 2mins"

Rightly so, in about 2 minutes, the bell rang. Mom opened the door, and she seemed to complain to herself mentally that her eyes are deceiving her. She tried to rub her eyes and re-focus her sight on to the 'visitor'!

And then.. a beautiful smile with a huge shock.. probably like a rainbow during the rains! Yes, a very rare expression on her face!

She asked me " so you are the 'visitor' you were talking about ? " while gently patting me a couple of times with love!

"Shocked as well as surprised that you came", she told me.

Exactly 24 hours earlier to this, I was dillydallying the decision whether to go home or not!
My left "mind" questioning me  whether spending a solid 13k for travel for just about 5 days at home was worth, and simultaneously my RIGHT "mind" telling me to do just the RIGHT thing! Ya, it suddenly put a huge list of advantages that this journey would gift me with! Right from getting my speakers and camera, to eating home food, to car driving, and getting some food stuffed back to hostel : everything suddenly seemed to suggest me that i have no alternate but to travel!

With an act of "detachment" i asked my left mind to be 'LEFT back'!

Thus, it took a final 2-3AM in the morning for me to book tickets!

Now my left "mind" wanted to become a bit 'right' so that it does not get 'left' out! It suggested me to carry out a small prank on my mom!

"How about throwing a surprise to her ?" - asked my left mind.
"Good idea Mr. Left Mind!", said the right mind, rather sarcastically, and which continued " But! Dont you see there's a big flaw in your foolish idea!?? "
" Uh ?"
"We can't control our hunger and we will be reaching at 11PM+, and you want amma to cook something for you then, when she should actually be hitting the bed!?? "

I interceded the 'divided minds' and assured that i would take care, thanking them for their inputs!
Next day morning, mom as usual calls up, and after getting to know that i have holidays, said, " had you known you had some 4-5 days of leave earlier, you could have booked your tickets to home.. anyway, no problems..".

The trio(the left mind, the right mind, and i) chuckled with pride in the super-surprise that was to be delivered to my mom!

"ya mom.. true that.. anyway.. "

And then my right mind poked me,  " dude, what about food ?? tell her to cook something!"
That's when i told her that " Ma, my friend is coming to our home.. please cook a bit extra for that guy, of whatever you cook!"

My mom told " ok i am gonna make chapathis for the night, as its 'Sravanam' day".
"arrghh! chapathis :/ " - retorted my right mind silently.

"Ya sure ma.. anything would do.. make 4 Chapathis for my friend, ma!"

My mom suddenly seemed to start do some CBI work and started asking "my friend's" name and phone number. I convinced her that I would give it to her in the night and told her that "he would reach only by 11PM".

Thus ended the drama's prerequisite!

I ensured not to tell anyone of my visit to make it entirely a big surprise! The following days, my relatives called me up congratulating me of my plans to trounce my mom's boredom of the previous days, when virtually no one was at home with her!

Surely, she would be charged on for a few more days with this surprise package! :)

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

a perfect world! :)

What's a desire that drives fear..
what of the happiness that's short lived..
what of an expectation that needs to be met..
what of a mind that's inconsistent..
what of the tongue that slanders others..
what of the heart that gets weak..
what of the hands that don't help..
what of the lips that don't smile..

and.. finally.. what of the humans that don't LOVE! 

for the above would never happen if humans just only Love one another!

Friday, August 31, 2012

an engineering seat.. [Anand SAI regunathan : Ep 3]

June 24th 2005.. 

"Who is murmuring what, early in the morning ????" - i got up angry asking myself.

I saw my mom and dad seriously discuss in their room, and when i entered the room, they welcomed me with all warmth. I told them to sleep until 6AM, but they in turn, told me to talk with them for a while. My eyes slowly opened !

I was reminded of my 9th std school days in 2002, when i got caught bunking the school. I started recollecting what all possible mischief or 'crime' i would have possibly done in the past few days.
I know, I did watch 'Chandramukhi' movie the previous day, but that surely was with their knowledge and without bunking any classes!

"Anand! i think, you must forget AIEEE Dreams! Join RV College! This has also appeared in the top 10 in India sometime back" - my mom and dad told. Did a train run over me ?

My brother passed out of that very college, and we hence knew that the placements there were very good. But thats no reason!

"what the hell ?" - i retorted!

"see da, if you don't get NIT Surathkal (Karnataka) or NIT Trichy (Tamil Nadu), and you end up getting somewhere in the north, where we won't have access to you frequently, we are scared if you can take care of yourself.. u don't even know hindi.. u don't like chapathis.." - the typical mom's love, which i felt was destructive here, poured in!

"don't start it all again ma! i broke my head convincing you all from so many days!  "

Thus, I decided to force them to agree to my demand of joining some national level engineering college. And they never seemed to budge..!

I thus had to agree to go to RV College for the seat-counseling. If I take up a seat, then it would mean the end of my dreams!


Dad and i got ready and he drove me in his kinetic honda to RV College. On the way, we were asking people the route at times, and each time I would feel like convincing my dad to revoke his decision.

I started recalling  what had happened a few days back. I had put some lots in Shirdi Baba temple. It was NIT against RV, as to what i would want to choose. The chit that had appeared was "NIT". I was praying for an NIT, no doubts, but then I was not sure how true this lots concept can go on to be! My friend, who was with me in the temple then, assured me that once the chit is taken, Baba would ensure to get it done! Besides, even Sai Satcharita told the same! The Faith was barely there in me, though, unfortunately!

I, thus, suddenly remembering this incident, was convincing myself, that these lots/chits were just a mere humbug!


We entered into the admission process area. I had been allotted the 40th number. There were 45 seats each in Computer Science (the branch of my choice) and Electronics n Communications (which my father wanted me to take!). Thus i was doomed, because i could now not even find a reason to even say that I did not like a branch or so.

"Candidate number 35" - shouted the clerk there.

" Oops! Just a few more! what bullshit man! how shall i convince my dad that i don't want this ? " - i was biting my fingers' skin now, after digesting the first set of nails!

 "hey Anand!", suddenly i was shaken out of my loud silence by someone.
 " Suzi !! you here da ?"
It was Sushanth, my friend at BASE (IIT Coaching center).

His mom had come along.
 She asked me " Is your mom from Income Tax ? "

 "Yes Aunty"

 "Saroja madam right, her name is.. ?"

 " yes yes! tell me aunty! how do you know?"

 " She helped me get her refund, and thanks to her, i got back my 19k and odd excess tax back!"

She further went on to ask me why i was here.
"Your mom told you got a AIEEE rank, and why are you here now ?"

My dad was about to intervene! His decisions and instincts are basically brilliant, and he would not easily listen to anyone, unless he is convinced himself by his own research!

He told to her " madam, we dont want to send him outside Bangalore!"
My face got smaller!

She argued back just one line that "NIT is an NIT sir!"

My dad thought for a second, and asked me if we shall ditch RV College and go on for AIEEE seat-counseling.  He was not yet convinced, though, but he was thinking about it, at least!

I was thrilled !! All my mental processes woke up from their sleep state !

My brother called us up from Chennai and told us to go ahead with AIEEE. Thus, within 2minutes, two people talked for me and my dad, who generally takes time to change his hard-thought-of decisions and who is not easily influenced by others, took no more than a minute to change his mind!

I was surprised beyond shock and lost more than one heartbeat!

Within the next few seconds, the clerk shouted - "Student Number 40.. Mr. ANAND!!".

Dad and i got up with our document bags and stepped forward.. instead of going straight down to the counter, we took the door in the left..

'Great Escape' it was, i felt!

As we were riding back home, I saw some very strange pattern in what i saw!
I saw a coupld of 'Tata Sumo' cars together with Shirdi Baba pics at the back. I felt nice seeing them. A few minutes later, i saw a road side vendore having only Shirdi Baba Idols! I was kind of feeling more better now. And by the time I reached home, I had seen a huge number of Shirdi Baba pics, very very unusually!

The last Pic ( or one of the last Ones ) of Shirdi Baba  that i saw had a very simple, yet famous quote of Shirdi Baba in it "Why Fear when I am here!"

Was the chit to be believed ? Wasn't it a 'mere' co-incidence! ? Thus the human thirst for more and more reasons to 'start to believe' in the Divine was well in action!

t0-be-continued :)

Friday, August 17, 2012

my first bite.. at Indore..

The Day arrived.. July 3rd.. Last morning, that is, July 2nd, i had got up from my sleep contemplating whether i must get back to Cisco.. one of those very rare days, where sleep seemed to be a remedy for reality.. I knew i had to leave home to Indore in a couple of hours..

It was, in fact, Guru Poornima day.. I was unable to go to Shirdi Baba's Temple near my house on this very auspicious day.. however, with a few tears, and as though i forgot that i was away from my family for about 5-6 years already before Cisco, i was a bit upset leaving Bangalore..

Somehow the day went by, with my reaching Indore by 830PM.. Some fellow students in the same flight, who were to join IIM Indore as I, went along with me in a cab to the college..

On the way, the car came to a sudden halt, midway.. i was wondering whether someone wanted a drop.. it was well past 930PM.. The roads seemed quite empty.. A stranger tapped at the window.. On opening the window, the person passed on some "sabudana khichdi" in a leaf-cup.. he further mentioned that this was "Shirdi Baba Mandir Prasad" !

my mind came to a sudden halt.. i was hungry.. and more hungry for some strength.. and was not in peace basically..

this incident put them all to rest at one go! a master stroke, as HE always does..

now the strength flowed into me.. Peace reigned in.. GuruPoornima Prasadam reached me!.. and most importantly, the message that Sai Satcharita conveys, "food offered is a sign of success!, hence accept it with humility..", continuously rang in me.. thus, it took a few kilometers of the cab drive for me to comprehend what actually happened.. i was reminded of Swami's Words which were close to "I wait to act like a train engine, where a lot of bogies will be pushed at one go.. "

and hasn't HE kept up HIS Promise, as always.. that "I Will be ahead of my devotee, waiting for him, wherever he goes!" :)

Saturday, June 9, 2012

a drop of LOVE..

"Thanks a lot.. thanks thanks.." - cried the helpless old man to the young man who helped the former to the railway platform and made space for a seat. The old man could not take such an overdose of Love, which vented through tears and smile simultaneously.

Watching this made me feel so good, that i felt that God wanted me to understand that our DNAs are made of Love.

Of what importance is Love, when today there is hardly anyone concerned about it ? We dont see Love being taught in education.. We dont see Love being pracitised in workplace.. thus Love is certainly getting more alien to humans who themselves, according to Saibaba, are 'embodiments of Love'.

I have been with many Sai Samithi members while they are off for offering Love to various folks across the city in various forms such as seva, etc. The Love they shower is incredible and would certainly act as a great tonic to the deprived souls certainly.

But how do we judge who are deprived of Love ? Isn't the entire humanity deprived of Love today ?

No wonder BABA advises us to "Love All Serve All".
No wonder.. HIS Hospitals, Institutes, etc are all open to entire humanity.
No wonder HIS Love has no discrimination ever...

And a tiny drop of LOVE is enough.. to keep us all happy and peaceful..


It just required my mom to show a few drops of Love.. my dad a few drop of Love.. my teachers a few drops of Love.. my tuition teacher a few drops of Love.. my grandma a few drop of LOVE.. my friends a few drops of Love.. for making my life an heaven!

and it just requires a few drops of Love for each of us for each other..

and isnt Love the deadliest weapon ? for a few drops of Love was enough to turn away some hardcore naxalites into peaceful means..

and the same few drops of Love from God is transforming my animal heart towards a more human one..

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Summer of 2002.. [ Anand Sai Regunathan Ep 2 ]

Yet another day gets over. February Month of 2002 coming to an end. As usual, badminton for some 4-5 hours after school. And then we were chitchatting at the building stairs. Oh, Gosh, hindi test tomorrow ! forget it.. i am sleepy..

Thus ended another day of my unconstructive life. Well this happened probably for almost all my life.

There was probably neither any special day to remember, nor an achievement to recall. But there were certainly some horrible inhuman days that i can never sleep over to forget. It probably can never get out of my heart, unless God Wills it to.. the guilt still stays on, till date..

Such was my life till April 2002.

Summer holidays started. Next academic year was my 10th standard, a big milestone according to everyone around. I knew what material i was made of.. that of a local substandard lazy material..

My dad strictly told me that i would not be allowed to play, etc and that i have to only study all year. I knew this wont work out. And the Lord knew how to make it work..

A series of events within a couple of days got me reading what i now call the Best Literature ever.. Sri Sai Satcharita.. each event, Leela, incident, etc were all seen and read with skepticism and criticism.

Sri SAI Satcharita
But when He decided to take over my life in HIS Hands, nothing could be impossible in my life. Thus the LORD, very soon, made me understand that i am well in HIS Proximity.

In fact, the following year made me visit the most dreaded places, that is , temples. Atheism arising out of the fear of staying human at heart was thus routed by Him. Baba, thus by making me read Satcharita,  waved HIS Magic Wand.

A new life started to blossom.. and things were happening quite the opposite.. studies seemed fun.. marks seems near.. i started understanding that Baba had sowed some seeds of goodness in my heart.. yes.. my slumbering Soul was woken up the Divine Master..